Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
4953'N Longitude: 979'W

Elevation: 238 m
Station installation:
July 2006
Live data website established
September 2006

Software used: Davis WeatherLink and Ambient Virtual Weather Station

Station details:

The station monitors several meteorological variables including:

-        Temperature (C) measured in a shielded enclosure

-        Dew point temperature (C) measured by a humidity sensor

-        Barometric pressure (mb) measured by a barometer

-        Wind speed (km/h) and direction measured by an anemometer

-        Precipitation accumulation (mm) measured by a tipping bucket rain gauge

-        Solar radiation (W/m2) measured by a solar pyranometer


The station is equipped with a heater that melts snow to measure its water equivalent in millimetres.

The measured data is also used to calculate relative humidity (%), a heat index (C), and the altitude of the cloud base (m).

Location details:

The weather station is located in downtown Winnipeg, at the University of Winnipeg main campus on Portage Ave.  It is installed on the roof of Lockhart Hall which is a seven storey building.  The surface on which the weather station stands is composed of black/brown industrial asphalt shingles.  The station is relatively unobstructed by nearby buildings and is fully exposed to the elements.  The height of the anemometer is approximately 2 m from the roof surface, and the height of the sensor enclosure is approximately 1.5 m from the roof surface.

Click here for a panoramic picture of the station location.

Click here for the weather station poster.  

Weather station funded by: The University of Winnipeg President's Innovative Projects Fund and the Department of Geography

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